Packaging Innovation
May 29, 2015

5 eye-catching formats for yogurt packaging

From babies to adults, we all love yogurt. Unsurprisingly, packaging formats for all things yogurt are very interesting and diverse, with designs ranging from playful and cute to stylish and sophisticated. So let’s have a closer look at some of the best yogurt packaging formats on the market!

1. Love me. Hold me. Squeeze Me.

Stonyfield obviously kept their youthful demographic in mind when they decided on a packaging format for their ‘YoBaby’, ‘YoTot’ and ‘YoKids Squeeze’ yogurt. The yogurt is packaged in convenient squeezable pouches, with a tag line that says “Love me. Hold me. Squeeze Me.” adding to the cute factor.

2. Oh my yog!

For its ‘Oh My Yog!’ Organic yogurt line, Stonyfield decided to go for a stylish look, seamlessly blending its tri-layer product concept with a graphic design that plays off the trio of yogurt layers inside.

3. Let’s flex!

Stonyfield is not the only one to have come up with flexpack yogurt formatsChobani also introduced yogurt pouches and tubes for children. From its iconic characters that resonate with children to its convenient and flexible packaging format, Chobani hopes to make its Greek yogurt appeal to the younger demographic.

4. Standing out from the crowd

Müller Quaker Dairy was clearly determined to add some sophistication to the yogurt aisle when they chose to package their ice-cream-inspired yogurt line in dark cups. With the dairy aisle usually a sea of white and brightly colored packaging, Müller Quaker Dairy’s yogurt packaging sure is easy to spot!

5. One for the road

Stonyfield is on a roll. Adding another format to their extensive packaging range, they introduced cylindrical bottles to package their OP brand Organic Protein smoothie drinks. A portable and quick energy boost for consumers on the go!