Packaging Innovation
water bottles
February 2, 2015

4 tips to designing water bottles consumers will appreciate

If there is such a thing as a homogeneous product, it would have to be water. So brands have to distinguish their product from those of competitors in other ways, which leads us to original bottle designs. Here are some important issues to consider.

1) Pick your water source wisely

The source of the water can be a big trademark for bottled water brands. Pureness and freshness play a vital role in the imagery for the bottles, often depicting an exotic location. Thus, selecting a unique source is essential, to say the least.

2) Do your water bottles have something extra to offer?

Instead of plain water, brands can choose to add a little something extra in the form of flavors, vitamins, carbonation or even colors. For instance, coconut water, watermelon water or maple water pick up on the back-to-the-roots organic trend and can be really unique selling points. Water that offers health benefits has one foot in the door of health-focused consumers. Be sure though to back your claims up with scientific facts.

3) Have you considered the environment?

Eco-friendly packaging is a worldwide trend consumers are really sensitive about. Therefore, if you can position your brand as ecologically responsible, you are one step closer to conquering the hearts of “green” consumers. How you do that? Instead of coming up with a bottle design, go for carton boxed water for example!

4) Branding is everything in the bottled water business

When your product is nearly identical to that of your competitors branding is crucial. How will you be able to sell your bottled water? By creating a bond with your customer base! So how will your customers relate to your product?

The possibilities are nearly endless. Is your bottle suitable for fine dining? Who’s your target audience, on-the-go parents or busy executives? Speak to your consumers in exciting and unprecedented ways and you are bound for success.