Packaging Innovation
April 28, 2014

10 mouth-watering sweets packaging design ideas

How long has it been since you last set foot in a candy shop? Alley after alley of brightly colored bars, caramels, chocolates, lollipops and sours just screaming for kids to pick them up. Nowadays though, candy and sweets aren’t the sole privileges of children, their parents have an entire candy collection at their disposal, as well. It’s clear that sweets packaging design plays a huge role in determining the success of the items on display.

Kids love colors, animals and all kinds of creative visual appeal making the candy shop one of the most interesting places from a packaging designer’s point of view. To prove this bold statement we have collected some of the most attractive and creatively awe-inspiring candy packaging designs out there. Who wouldn’t want to have a bite?

Sweets packaging getting the luxury treatment

What’s striking about most of these designs is that they’re not at all made to attract the attention of children. Moreover, these product packages target adults with a craving for sugar, displaying all kinds of luxury packaging techniques and materials you’d normally associate with luxury items, such as soap and perfume.

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