Packaging Innovation
February 16, 2015

10 inspiring and creative tea packaging designs

It’s amazing how a simple tea bag can trigger inspiration in packaging designers. There literally are a hundred of mouth-wateringly creative tea packaging designs out there, that will convince even the sturdiest of tea haters. A cup, anyone?

The tea leaf was discovered some 5000 years ago. Since then tea has gone from a luxury product to the popular hot beverage we drink today. Habits were formed, and traditions established – the packaging, however, has changed dramatically over the course of years.

The Industrial Revolution: the advent of tea packaging design

Tea bags as we know them today are an invention of the Industrial Revolution. In the beginning packaging was merely functional, storing the tea until it was drunk. However, as the years passed by, the visual appeal of the pack increased.

Today, tea manufacturers use packaging as a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Brightly colored, minimalist, orientally-inspired, tea packaging comes in all sorts and sizes. Common for all of them, however, is the great level of detail designers put into their packages. Creativity really has no boundaries, as these examples will illustrate.

Creative tea packaging galore!