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child-proof pharmaceutical packaging design
February 13, 2018

How to design childproof pharmaceutical packaging?

Everyone knows how easily children mistake medicine for sweets. That’s why, next to continuously reminding parents and caretakers to keep medication out of children’s sight and reach, pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on packaging designers to come up with pharmaceutical packaging that is childproof. Never ceasing to innovate, the industry has come up with a wide array of noteworthy childproofing solutions. The real challenge, though, is designing pharmaceutical packaging that is both child-resistant and easy for older patients to use. Be sure to check out the following inspiring solutions!

1.     Screw cap secured with closure tape

Bericap recently launched the e-smoCap™, a childproof screw cap for e-cigarette refill bottles. Featuring a tamper-proof sealing strip, the innovative screw cap keeps children from opening the bottle while still allowing adults to easily remove the strip.

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2.     Tear-resistant paper packaging

Childproofing a packaging can be as simple as opting for an innovative mix of materials. Finno-Swedish company Stora Enso, for instance, has developed Ensocard Resilience: a tear-resistant type of cellulose coated with PET. The material is recyclable and just as sturdy as pharmaceutical packaging made of plastic.

3.     Pharmaceutical packaging that requires activating

child-proof pharmaceutical packaging design Even when a box of tablets has already been opened, the CAREP’AK mechanism developed by Rondo in collaboration with the A.C.D. Technology Group prevents small children from taking out tablets. The mechanism is integrated into the box and makes sure the tablets can only be pressed out one at a time. To get to the tablets, patients have to activate the system using both hands: one to slide the button to the side and hold it in place, and the other to fetch the tablet. Afterwards, the slide automatically reverts to its initial position. Is your pharmaceutical packaging design 100% childproof? Find out all you need to know.  

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