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cosmetic packaging design trends
June 16, 2016

Cosmetic packaging design: 5 key trends to watch

A whopping 37.25 billion USD. That’s how much the cosmetic packaging market will be worth by 2022, according to global market research firm Grand View Research. A combination of technological advancements and a jump in beauty product consumption is what’s driving this success as we speak, leading to five key trends to watch in the next six years.

1.     Cosmetic packaging gets flexible in the U.S.

With cosmetic packaging manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble leading the way, bio-based flexible packaging and paper packaging are bound to become the next big thing in North America.

2.     Sustainable packaging is beautiful

The whole world strives to reduce pollution, and the beauty industry is certainly no exception. By 2022, bioplastic packaging will be common practice alongside glass bottles that will weigh half of what they do now. Manufacturers are working hard to drastically reduce the weight of glass bottles so that they will require less energy to produce and transport without jeopardizing their strength.

3.     Perfume packaging for the win

A significant rise in disposable income in the U.K., France, Germany, the U.S., Mexico, China, India and Saudi Arabia will drive the cosmetic packaging market to new heights. The fragrance industry in particular is expected to grow 6.3% annually until 2022 at least.

4.     Stand-up pouches are standing out

By 2022, stand-up pouch packaging will generate more than 1.60 billion USD in revenue. Their light weight, flexibility, excellent barrier properties and ease of design will prove particularly popular in both the food and the cosmetic packaging industry.

5.     Cosmetic packaging is coming to Latin America

Brazil is witnessing an increased expenditure on cosmetic products thanks to a growing number of beauty product advertising campaigns and rising disposable income – which, as mentioned, results in an increased demand for fragrances in particular. The Latin American cosmetics market in general is valued at 1.29 billion USD.   Inspired by Packaging Strategies