Packaging Innovation
Tiffany’s clever product packaging design
March 29, 2017

How brand power starts with clever product packaging

When you hear someone say ‘Tiffany & Co’, three things are likely to spring to mind: diamonds, Audrey Hepburn starring in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the iconic ‘Tiffany blue’ box. You know, that o so recognizable shade of robin egg blue. Now that’s brand power at work! Tiffany’s product packaging is so powerful because it is instantly recognizable. It’s clean, it stands out and it screams – or whispers? – one word: quality. It may look as if the packaging designer behind this nifty box had an easy time creating it, but you can bet your sweet bippy that he or she put a lot of thought into this iconic luxury packaging. Do you want your product packaging design to be just as powerful as Tiffany’s? Then we’ve got some tips lined up for you!

A little thoughtfulness makes all the difference

There’s always a way to make cheap packaging materials appear chic and even customized. Keeping the colors muted, adding a quality bow, opting for a unique font, … are only some of the ways to create a high-end look and feel without stretching the budget.

Clever product packaging: to each his color

Go wild with your design! But not too wild, though. You want the packaging to match the product as well as the target audience you’re designing for. While crisp white and robin egg blue may work for ladies hoping to be surprised with a diamond engagement ring, it won’t work wonders when your packaging is supposed to boost sales for a company that makes power tools. Check out our article on color psychology if you want to play it safe.

Design a packaging experience

Packaging these days has to do more than just sit there and look pretty. Remember the Zappos shoebox? What made that packaging design so great was the fact that it was interactive, adding to the excitement surrounding the product itself and creating a bond with the consumer.

Clever product packaging is often the greenest

The best product packaging is packaging that communicates a brand message. And since this is 2017, most brand messages have something to do with sustainability. Browse our tips to create an eco-friendly packaging design, and don’t hesitate to mention the sustainability of your design on the packaging.