Packaging Innovation
Avoid these packaging mistakes
April 11, 2014

Avoid these packaging mistakes that could ruin your business

When done correctly packaging can really make just about any product shine on the shelf. In order to be successful your design should excel in creativity and functionality. However, some brands invest all their money in creative concepts but forget about functionality. A train wreck is what ensues.

Learning from your own mistakes is incredibly valuable, yet learning from someone else’s mistakes is more cost-efficient. Have a look at these packaging mistakes.

Wolfgang Puck found out about “bad” packaging the hard way when his new self-heating latte cans hit the retailer shelf and started exploding. “Fabuloso” experienced a similar problem when it designed the packaging for its cleaning products to look like soda or beverage bottles. Children confused the “fabulous” colors with the real thing. A few poisonings and a dozen of phone calls from angry parents later they realized they had made a huge mistake.

As extreme as these examples may be, they prove the packaging business requires both time and resources in order to be successful. The problem with most brands is that they invest the majority of their budget in the development of their product and brand, while forgetting about the importance of the packaging design. The testing phase, for instance, can’t be skipped in any packaging design process.

An unattractive product deserves a good-looking package

While sometimes you’ll have to make do with a low budget, you obviously don’t want your product to look cheap … or worse!

Not all food products look naturally tasty. Quite the contrary, some food items look flat out disgusting. It’s the art of the packaging designer to enhance the visual appeal of the product by creating topnotch packaging concepts. This pack of toddler’s food doesn’t succeed, unfortunately.

Don’t use too many materials

The only thing you need to see what’s wrong with this picture is common sense, yet you’d be amazed how many times we come across items that just use way too many materials. It’s a shame really, not only because of the waste of company resources, but also because of the damage to the environment.

Even creativity has its boundaries

avoid these packaging mistakesIt’s a designer’s job to be creative. Yet sometimes they just overdo it, resulting in oddly shaped packaging that’s not at all practical. In this case, it’s only a matter of time before the consumer sets the carton down the wrong way, spilling juice all over the floor.