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pharmaceutical packaging best practices
September 9, 2016

5 best practices for pharmaceutical packaging designers

If you’re a packaging designer, we needn’t tell you that pharmaceutical packaging design is a complex and challenging matter. Pharmaceutical packaging must be GMP certified, hermetically sealed and child-resistant, and it has to facilitate patient compliance. There are, however, plenty of best practices to get your design right from the get-go.

1.    Test your design for sturdiness

Creating a sturdy packaging design requires taking into account a number of requirements. Always make sure your packaging is able to protect its contents against breaking and keep them from leaking.

2.    Make sure the packaging can be hermetically sealed

In the case of pharmaceutical packaging, sturdiness also implies hermetic sealing. Verify whether your packaging design provides a seal against:
  • Light
  • Moisture
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Atmospheric contaminants (including bacteria)
Tests to establish whether your packaging meets all protective demands should be performed over a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels.

3.    Opt for unit dose packaging

Medication dispensed in unit dose packaging encourages and facilitates patient compliance, reminding consumers when to take their medications. Unit dose packaging has already proven to be particularly effective in the case of birth control pills, hormone replacement therapies and steroid therapies.

4.    Employ smart pharmaceutical packaging technology

Most of the time, if patients don’t take their medication when they are supposed to, it’s simply a matter of forgetfulness. Smart pharmaceutical packaging technology reminds patients when they are due to take their next dose, for instance by incorporating an audio alarm that goes off at predetermined times. Some types of smart pharmaceutical packaging can even send text messages to healthcare professionals when a patient is about to run out of medication.

5.    Ensure supply chain security

In order to combat counterfeit drugs, incorporating track and trace solutions into your packaging design is paramount.   Inspired by Packaging Gateway