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August 7, 2015

4 packaging mistakes that cost you sales

You had a great idea for a product and decided to take your chances. You spent a great deal of time developing, testing and refining it. Your test audience loved it. Your product is definitely worth buying, yet it’s not flying off the shelf. Sounds familiar? Then it’s time to ask yourself if one of these packaging mistakes is to blame …

1.     The packaging doesn’t suit your market

There are so many different kinds of markets out there. It’s impossible to service them all. In other words, packaging attributes that appeal to one audience don’t always appeal to another. Is your product rather mainstream or does it appeal to a specific audience? Do you understand what your target audience wants in product packaging? Organizing focus groups is the best way to find out.

2. The packaging is too big

Always keep size in mind when deciding on product packaging. Who is going to use your product and how? Is there a shelf life that might affect usage? Although large quantity packaging does have a special market, the general rule in packaging is that individual consumers tend to buy smaller size units.

3. The packaging is confusing

Time to stop thinking like a packaging designer and start thinking like a consumer. Imagine seeing the packaging for the first time. Would you understand what’s inside it if you only had the packaging to go by? Another golden rule in packaging? ‘The simpler the better’. People don’t like to guess, so always clearly mention on the packaging what’s inside, how to use it and what the benefits are.

4. The packaging looks outdated

In the world of packaging, it’s important to constantly update your look. Noticed how The Coca Cola Company changes their packaging design at least once a year? That’s because they know that no matter how great their product may be, any brand can easily lose favor with the consumer as soon as it starts to look ‘old’. In other words, always keep on top of important trends.