Packaging Innovation
color management software
March 21, 2016

Why color management software is a must

Taking a picture is child’s play, but getting that picture to look exactly the way you want in print certainly isn’t. Colors not only look different depending on the monitor you are viewing them on, but also behave differently depending on the substrate they’re printed on. That’s why, instead of just guessing and crossing their fingers, packaging designers, manufacturers and professional printers rely on Color Engine, Esko’s color management software. Esko helps them every day to get their prints right from the get-go. Find out how this smart color management tool can take any packaging business to a higher level!

It captures spectral data

Every color of the spectrum comes with a fingerprint that comprises how the color looks and behaves in certain lighting. Color Engine is able to capture this fingerprint, or spectral data, and present it as a series of samples that show how a certain color behaves at particular points in the light spectrum. Proper knowledge of spectral data is crucial when you’re working with processes that require taking into account how a color behaves across a range of lighting, i.e. ink formulation.

It predicts the future

To achieve maximum shelf impact, the packaging industry uses special inks (so-called ‘spot colors’) to achieve a broader color range. Due to the high variety of spot colors and printing processes, predicting the behavior of ink overprints can be quite the challenge. That’s when Color Engine comes into play. Its patented algorithm predicts exactly how special inks will behave on the substrate, allowing accurate proofing and production.

It allows accurate color reproduction

Color management is a key part of brand management, as colors are crucial to a brand’s identity. Without a proper color management tool such as Color Engine, it is impossible to accurately reproduce brand colors.

It improves color communication workflow

Color management consists of many processes and involves many people. Color Engine allows you to work with a central color database and to maintain an efficient color communication workflow between all operators and stakeholders, which is indispensable if you want to produce optimal results.

Getting your color management sorted

Are you tired of compromising on color consistency and struggling to accurately predict (brand) colors? Contact Esko and get your color management sorted today!