Packaging Innovation
December 6, 2017

From recall risk to regulations: why pharma packaging must be right first time

“Pharmaceutical packaging is Tetris. Stop playing it like chess.”

This quote from Peter Schmitt, managing director of a US-based packaging company, speaks to the need for a mindset shift in pharma packaging. The ‘chess way’ of thinking is to think causally, with singular, consequential movements. In Tetris, things just get faster, with many different inputs coming at once, with an increasingly rapid speed.

The key task for pharmaceutical / healthcare companies is ensuring they are equipped to cope with the increasing speed. From the rapidly evolving regulatory requirements, to an ever growing portfolio of SKUs, healthcare Brand Owners have a lot on their plate. And in healthcare, packaging errors can be dangerous.

Dedicated software solutions can help companies to align their processes across their entire workflow, from pipeline and concept development, to asset and packaging development and in-market distribution. This leads to efficiency gains, meaning a shorter time to market for products