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December 29, 2014

Ready for 1169/2011? Choose the proper packaging design software

From the end of 2014 onwards, a lot of changes are taking place in European food packaging legislation 1169/2011. Fonts have to be more legible and all nutritional and administration information has to be included on the package, among other things. In order to be compliant with the new set of rules, proper packaging design software is needed. Luckily, Esko can provide.

What does the new law mean for food packaging design?

A number of things change in the European food packaging industry, starting end of 2014. Designers will have no choice but to take the following rules into account:

  • key elements on a package have to be printed in a minimum font size
  • key elements on a package – like all the nutritional information for example – have to be completely visible and not hidden by a fold.
  • products sold online should come with the exact same labeling information (like production details, nutritional facts, ingredients…) as the physical items.
  • certain packaging elements, such as net quantity and actual alcoholic percentage by volume, need to be present in the same field of vision as the brand name

Esko’s packaging design software

In order for brands to be compliant, they are going to have to change some – if not all – of their packaging designs to fit the new European legislation. To do so effectively requires state-of-the-art packaging design software.

Esko’s software solutions allow you to visualize the packaging in 3D before going in production. The software will automatically check the type size of your ingredient copy and flag any anomalies.

Dynamic content management system

As far as online products are concerned labeling becomes a real challenge when managing multiple versions of the same product, both in terms of inventory management and online provisioning. Esko’s dynamic content management system works seamlessly with design tools like Adobe® Illustrator®, and links directly with the web output. The output of this dynamic content is GSI & EU 1169/2011 compliant.