Packaging Innovation
October 10, 2017

A quick start to solving packaging artwork issues?

When talking to Brand Owners, the same issues arise time and time again.

There is a lack of control and visibility over the whole artwork development and approval process, leading to delays, errors and even recalls.

It is not surprising that many CPG Brand Owners are turning to packaging management software to solve this.

However, these software systems can involve integration and set up time that might not be necessary for all companies. What about smaller-to-medium sized companies or departments in larger organizations, who perhaps don’t need a full package, but still face the same problems?

An ‘off the shelf’ solution for ‘on the shelf’ products

This is where Esko’s rapid deployment methodology comes in. This methodology gets smaller to mid-sized organizations or departments up and running quickly, starting with best-in-class workflows built in and ready to use, with clear tasks and designated ownership for new products and artwork creation as well as rework of existing artworks.

With this simple-to-use software, Brand Owners have the ability to centralize data and artwork and any other related documents, with an asset browser to search, review and repurpose with ease and speed. There are best practice workflows and powerful 2D and 3D review and approval tools.

With a rapid deployment solution like this, Brand Owners can have complete control and visibility over their packaging artwork within days, increasing speed of development and approvals – shortening time to market.

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