Packaging Innovation
November 23, 2017

How Esko’s Studio helped Nike® to design packaging easier, faster and better

Nike® is one of the most valuable – and one of the most famous – clothing brands in the world. In 2017, its Global Football Division started using Esko’s Studio for packaging design, leading to considerable improvements in user-experience, concept communication and time-savings.

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“We definitely save time and it has brought a significant increase in our productivity. Something that would have taken two, three or four hours of Photoshop® work, only takes about 10 minutes.”
Matt Maghan – Global Apparel + EQ Packaging Designer, Nike

Why work in a 2D world if packaging isn’t?

Matt Maghan – Global Apparel + EQ Packaging Designer, Nike, is responsible for designing the packaging templates for the Global Football Division at the company.

He works on anything from inflatable footballs to goalkeeper gloves. He is, in his own words, “passionate about packaging and printing, especially for Nike.”

Matt was looking for a solution, compatible with Adobe Illustrator, to make the process of creating and reviewing 3D images of his designs considerably easier.

“We have a lot of departments and project managers that we have to run all the graphics through,” said Matt. “In the past, I have had to try and create 3D images myself using Illustrator or Photoshop®, and it never looked quite right and was time-consuming from my end. The more time I am rendering out 3D designs, I am not building templates, so it was taking away from my role.”

Studio – the perfect solution for creating realistic 3D visuals and pack shots with Adobe Illustrator

Matt looked at several solutions, but it wasn’t until he sat down with Esko that he found the exact solutions he had been looking for.

Studio is a modular solution, a mix of plug-ins and applications that work tightly together; integrated seamlessly with tools like Adobe Illustrator to help designers accelerate their packaging design.

“I realized very quickly that Esko had figured it out – this is something I have needed over the last 10 years,” said Matt. “With Studio, I can just load a plug-in, so I have 3D right there within Illustrator and then I can extract a 3D PDF or a Plotter file. That is exactly what I was looking for.”

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