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3D packaging design Esko Studio 16
January 10, 2017

Esko Studio gives 3D packaging design another dimension

Great news for all you 3D packaging design professionals out there! Studio has had a make-over, resulting in the launch of Esko Studio 16. It’s speedier, more efficient, and it comes with a series of new features to boot. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about this innovative piece of 3D packaging design software and get started with it in a snap.

Celebrating a decade of 3D packaging design

“For over ten years, Studio has been helping trade shops, converters and brands offer their customers a faster route to market for product design – and it continues to be the world’s most powerful and popular packaging 3D design and store visualization tool,” explains Chris Stowe, Esko’s Product manager of 3D solutions. “It eliminates the need for physical mock-ups and reduces the approval process via instant online collaboration,” he adds.

Studio 16: new features

After extensive research involving a large focus group of Studio users, Esko was able to take their widely popular 3D packaging design software to the next level. As of November 2016, Studio users can enjoy a significantly advanced version of Esko Studio 16 that incorporates new features such as:
  • Finishing effects: designers can select materials and compare different finishes.
  • New user tools: snap to align while moving, vertical collision edge and detection, and a nudge tool for fast manipulation enable users to create their 3D designs up to fifty percent faster.
  • New export options: by adding automated scripting in Adobe Illustrator with new export options, users can create high-definition pack shots in no time.
  • Fast artwork application in scenes: packaging designers can now easily apply different artwork to the same structures in product line-ups and multi-product combinations.
  • Hyper-realistic visuals: designers can add shadows and light coming from different angles with the click of a button.
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