Packaging Innovation
February 2, 2017

Divine design: how software is injecting creativity, speed and simplicity into packaging design

Software used during the design, review and testing stages of packaging development can unlock the key to something truly differentiated.

Software is… crucial for creativity

Packaging design software can now realistically model the end product from any substrate, color, printing methods and materials and visualized in hyper-realistic 3D. Popular packaging 3D shapes can be accessed and download immediately.

Software to… revolutionize reviews

By using software that simulates the actual packaging and provides it in 3D and in the correct environment and lighting for review, companies can speed the time to final design and cut out many iterations.

Software will… transform testing

With the latest software, brand owners can visualize their product in a store environment, next to its competition. That way they make the right design decisions upfront on color, shape, materials, artwork and shelf layout.

Make your brands stand out with divine design

Getting your packaging design process absolutely right can be challenging. Esko can help you with a range of software solutions that will work for your brands.