Packaging Innovation
October 24, 2017

Closing the omnichannel responsiveness gap with 3D packaging modeling

According to 94% of senior CPG marketing decision makers, appealing to today’s consumers requires Brand Owners to respond to consumers’ needs in almost in real time.

However, updating digital marketing vehicles is relatively quick; making changes to physical packaging to incorporate customer feedback is a different proposition entirely.

New report outlines gap between digital and physical capabilities

A new survey by the CMO Council (sponsored by Esko and our sister companies) definitively points to this “responsiveness requirement” as one of a Brand Owner’s primary challenges.

The full report can be downloaded here, but in essence calls for marketers to integrate customer feedback and much more quickly reflect it in both digital marketing campaigns and the physical packaging.

Esko, HP and Bud Light get promotional packaging to market in less than 30 days

In a recent interview with Michael Cox, Solutions Architect at HP, he points to a concrete way for marketers to do this – use 3D packaging modeling (using Esko’s Studio) of proposed packaging for review and approval, then directly to digital presses (HP’s Mosaic technology) for ouput.

This took new, promotional Bud Light packaging production from ideation to physical availability in less than a month.

Now this is the type of responsiveness that can really change how brands engage with consumers!