Packaging Innovation
January 18, 2016

3D packaging design: tips & tricks

The world of packaging design doesn’t stand still. With more and more packaging designers turning to 3D packaging design and 3D printing, 2D drawings on simple sheets of paper are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The rise of 3D design and printing has introduced a new approach to packaging design, in which designers aim to create the perfect marriage between tactile experience and great visual style.

Tips to create stunning 3D packaging designs

3D design is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and influential techniques currently reigning the packaging industry. Thanks to 3D design software and printers, the limits of esthetics have been pushed back tremendously. As a result, today’s packaging designs are as clever as they are stunning. If you’re not quite sure how to tackle your first 3D design or if you’re looking to improve your 3D design skills, these tips are well worth a read:

1. Add a tactile touch

The most wonderful aspect of 3D packaging design is that it is not just interesting to the eye, but that it can also appeal to the consumer’s sense of touch. The designer of the above example created a raised, 3D effect by having letters inserted inside the packaging, after which the packaging was vacuum sealed.

2. Think inside the box – or bottle

Designer Johannes Schulz clearly knows that true beauty is on the inside. By using transparent glass and integrating a three dimensional spine inside of the bottle, he created an intriguing packaging design that is sure to capture the attention of every passer-by.

3. Showcase the product

Sometimes, all it takes to create a cool 3D packaging design is a simple 2D design that lets the product do all the talking. The designer of this example opted to use actual headphones of his client instead of printing notes on paper, turning an ordinary piece of cardboard into a clever 3D design.

4. Invest in 3D packaging software

Why work in a flat world if packaging isn’t? In order to produce better artwork and turn your ideas into beautiful 3D images with just a few clicks, 3D packaging software is a must-have.   Inspired by Design School