Packaging Innovation
3D packaging design software
June 9, 2016

Why 3D packaging design software is your best friend

A lot goes into a great packaging design. It has to look amazing, obviously, but it also needs to include all the important product details, be easy to open, preserve the product until the expiry date, take in as little shelf space as possible, … In a bid to meet the ever-increasing stringent demands of consumers, governments and the packaging industry itself, more and more packaging designers are turning to 3D packaging design software to give their work the extra edge. Are you a packaging designer yourself and not quite sure whether or not to take the 3D plunge? This article explains why you, too, will soon find 3D software indispensable!

Wow your clients with realistic visuals

There are numerous benefits to using 3D software for packaging design. One of them is, of course, the fact that it enables designers to present their clients with a very realistic, detailed image of what the packaging will eventually look like in the hands of the consumer. And it’s not even difficult to use either. A simple click of a button instantly turns a 2D design into a 3D model.

3D software can do all the checking for you

Some 3D software can automatically check your packaging design for structural flaws, reducing errors that would, in many cases, otherwise emerge during the manufacturing process. There’s even 3D software available that can be connected to hardware and other types of software so that it becomes easier to make your packaging design compliant with international rules and regulations.

Get started with 3D packaging design software today!

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