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3 tips to boost your prepress workflow
June 12, 2017

Smooth operator! 3 tips to boost your prepress workflow

Tedious bottlenecks, seemingly endless approval cycles, costly mistakes that could have been avoided, if only … Sounds familiar? Everybody who works in print knows how challenging – yet crucial – adopting and sustaining a smooth prepress workflow can be. These tips will help you get prints picture-perfect from the get-go, keep errors at bay and speed up the prepress process while you’re at it!

1.     Invest in an Automation Engine

Repetitive prepress tasks like turning files into flexo plates, sending jobs over to the finishing department, keeping jobs and data organized to avoid double entries and jobs going MIA et cetera become much less time-consuming and error-prone when companies invest in database-driven job management. Esko’s Automation Engine enables prepress workers to preset repetitive tasks, and to better integrate platemaking and digital finishing into the prepress workflow while remaining in control thanks to the transparent user interface. And there’s more. Discover Automation Engine’s extensive features.

2.     Let the autopilot handle your preflighting

There’s no need to spend precious prepress time checking jobs for errors when your company has proper automated quality control software in place. Preflighting solutions like Esko’s Automation Engine automatically check artwork for errors and even proofread barcodes and text in several languages, significantly reducing time to market and, in the case of Automation Engine, even cutting costs by 30 percent. Are you a pharmaceutical packaging professional? Automation Engine also proofreads braille!

3.     Let your prepress workflow spread the word

Needlessly lengthy approval cycles are usually due to faulty communication and a lack of transparency. Enter Esko’s WebCenter, a powerful web-based platform for packaging preproduction management that enhances communication and data sharing in real-time. Find out more!

And that’s not all, folks

Streamlining packaging prepress workflows is Esko’s pride and joy. We’ve got plenty of other handy prepress tools lined up for you!