Packaging Innovation
February 23, 2015

Want to design attractive luxury packaging? Use two-piece boxes!

Two-piece boxes are very popular for packaging luxury items such as biscuits, lingerie and cosmetics. The shiny cardboard laminated boxes are tremendously attractive in turned edge, giving your product a distinct sense of luxuriousness. On the downside, luxury packaging can make a product more expensive. Charging $50 extra for a $60 product might not be the best sales strategy.

Victoria’s Secret’s custom two-piece luxury box

Victoria Secret’s custom two-piece box (see above) is a perfect example. Flawlessly combining turned edge and thermoforming, the package just screams to be gift-wrapped and presented to a lingerie-loving woman.

Check out the slipcase covering the main tray, turning the regular two-piece box into a fancy “drawer box”. The inside has a plastic thermoformed tray to hold lotions and fragrances. To make it easy to open a ribbon was included … Elegant and practical!

Two-piece luxury candle box

Another picture perfect example is this luxury two-piece box of candles by Antica Farmacista. It’s a hand-wrapped rigid box with insert and protective interior lid structure.

The challenge of luxury packaging designs

The experience of buying luxury goods is among the things that make them worth the extra cash and packaging is an integral part of that experience. However, the challenge here is balancing out the level of creativity with the packaging costs. There is no point in designing a very expensive design for a mundane product and then charge $40 extra cash to your customers. Chances are they will choose another product. And rightly so … If you’re aiming to be a true luxury brand, however, the importance of your packaging can never be overestimated.