Packaging Innovation
November 28, 2016

Taking digital finishing of corrugated board to new levels

The applications that CAM tables can handle are the cornerstone for a lot of contemporary marketing mixes: dedicated signage, in store displays, banners, personalized commercial print work with special finishing… the list goes on. Kongsberg digital cutting tables are the industry benchmark of solidity, performance and quality. There is a Kongsberg cutter and router for every need. To help you remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry, Esko continuously develops innovative tools. With the new CorruSpeed tool, Esko takes digital finishing of corrugated board to a new level of quality and productivity. The CorruSpeed tool is designed for high-speed digital finishing of corrugated board without oscillating. The CorruSpeed tool simulates the crushing effect of conventional die cutting, resulting in cleaner, more accurate cuts. The CorruSpeed tool smoothly cuts a wide variety of corrugated board types up to 7mm double wall BC flutes – even corrugated board that has a high level of recycled content. For more information, visit or watch this video. Bewaren Bewaren