Packaging Innovation
November 14, 2013

When tissue box design shows the importance of packaging

We live in a world where people usually do not have much spare time: an important issue for brand marketing. Customer sometimes don’t have time to listen to or to read never-ending arguments about why some brand is better than the other. Packaging therefore becomes the only way to catch the customer’s attention!

Designing a product packaging that stands out

Any packaging designer should consider the fact that customers only have a couple of seconds to consider and choose the right product. Hence the importance to make the package design as catchy as possible. This piece of advice comes in handy in a time when it is difficult to make a distinction between different brands selling the same product. Take the tissues for instance: you could argue for hours about their consistency, their softness, or their pattern, but basically, a tissue remains a tissue, especially to the customer’s eye.

Washing machine tissue box

How tissue box design shows the importance of packagingWhen it comes to brand packaging, various approaches can be used to catch the customer’s attention, ranging from non-standard shapes to exceptional illustrations. But new ideas usually pop up when you take the time to look around you.

OMO, a laundry detergent company, designed an original tissue box to create some buzz about their brand. They shaped the tissue box like a washing machine to give the impression that you are taking some freshly laundered white towels out, instead of fresh white tissues. This concept reminds people that OMO washes perfectly white time after time.

For this matter, the next example is equally relevant, also triggering the question: ‘How has nobody thought of that before?’.

A design matching the product

When you buy tissues, they usually lay flat inside the box. But when you take one out, it comes out all bent up. This gave an idea to designer John Brauer, who decided to design a crumpled tissue box!

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