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brand owners opt for flexible packaging
August 8, 2017

Why brands owners love flexible packaging formats

With more and more brand owners adopting a flexible packaging format, flexible is increasingly replacing traditional packaging formats like metal cans and glass jars, says The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA). In The Future of Flexible Packaging to 2022, Smithers Pira indeed confirms that the future of the flexible packaging market is looking bright, forecasting an annual growth rate of 4.1 percent to 33.5 billion between 2017 and 2022. Is your brand not yet convinced of the advantages flexible packaging brings to the table? Then by all means, read on! 

‘Flexible’ brands watch their sales increase

No less than 55 percent of brand owners who offer flexible packaging formats have witnessed a sales increase, the FPA recently stated in Flexible Packaging Transition Advantages Study. Even more remarkable, the same study showed 71 percent of consumers to prefer flexible packaging over non-flexible when given the choice.

Consumers simply love flexible packaging

brand owners opt for flexible packaging According to the FPA, American consumers have no issues spending around 10.3 percent more on food if its packaged in a flexible format, especially if the packaging is resealable, easy to open and allows for easy storage. What’s more, nearly 80 percent of American consumers believe food products benefit from being stored in flexible packaging.

Pouch packaging stands out

Smithers Pira adds that stand-up pouches are particularly popular, being the fastest-growing product in the flexible packaging segment. The reason? Stand-up pouches are easy to store, light-weight and handy to take with you, they allow for easy pouring, scooping, … and they’re often resealable.
Thanks to Studio, creating high-resolution flexible packaging designs without resorting to complicated CAD software has never been easier.

Not limited to food products

While flexible packaging is most commonly used in the food and beverage industry, pouches are making their way to other sectors, too. A recent report by Technavio found pouches gaining popularity as packaging for liquid personal care products, including sanitizers, detergents, hair gels, hand soaps and bathing soaps. Inspired by Packaging Strategies