Packaging Innovation
January 6, 2014

Cheap packaging ideas for start-up businesses

Any business producing goods, whether big or small, has to invest in packaging. The right choice of materials and an original design get you a long way in creating a packaging concept that stands out on the shelf. But what about small start-up businesses that don’t have the budget to invest in packaging designers? Here are some cheap packaging ideas any business can use.

Plastic packaging and stickers: cheap and effective

Packaging is an integral part of marketing, yet it can prove to be quite expensive, especially for start-up businesses. For most of them consulting a professional packaging designer is simply out of the question. Fortunately, there are cheap packaging solutions readily available for any line of products.

One of the most cost-effective professional packaging ideas out there is a clear plastic packaging material combined with a professional sticker. It looks professional, doesn’t require a huge design budget and is low on material costs as well.

Poly bags, shrink tubing and shrink wraps

cheap packaging ideasPoly bags are an excellent choice for a large selection of products such as food and hardware. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be closed with tape, ties or even ziplocked. Long objects are better off in poly tubing bags. Most companies using poly tubing to package products use a heat sealer to close both open ends. Unlike poly tubing, shrink tubing conforms to the product being wrapped. It’s recommended for lighter weight objects. Shrink wrap bags and rolls are great because they still display the product inside the package, while at the same time offering the necessary protection.

Fresh food items, specifically meat, are often packed in Styrofoam trays sealed off with a meat film. It’s a cheap and cost-efficient way of packaging meat allowing consumers to see what they are buying.

Source: PackagingBlog