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corrugated packaging design
April 26, 2018

Thinking about the box: corrugated packaging CAN be creative 

Once used primarily for transporting products and storing items in attics, it seems corrugated packaging finally managed to find its way to designers’ hearts for several reasons.

The difference is in the flutes

First things first: corrugated board is not to be confused with cardboard. The difference is in the flutes (waves pressed between two sheets) which make corrugated board so sturdy. Cardboard, by contrast, simply consists of a single sheet that is usually rather thin.

Sturdy and recyclable

What makes corrugated packaging so irresistible then? Sturdiness combined with easy recyclability – over 90 percent of all corrugated board in the United States ends up being recycled – is what’s causing the material to surge in popularity. Corrugated packaging can not only support a wide array of products, virtually regardless of their structure and weight, it’s also extra appealing to Millennial consumers, who grow more environmentally conscious each day.

Did you know? Corrugated board is the most recycled packaging material in the world.

Printing onto corrugated packaging

There are no limits to the things talented designers can create with corrugated board. One of the most versatile materials available today, corrugated board can be used to create anything from POP displays to furniture and even musical instruments – ah, the things a great cutting table can achieve! Thinking about the box: corrugated packaging CAN be creative  Ask a packaging designer what they love the most about corrugated packaging, however, and the answer will likely involve graphics. That’s because printing onto corrugated packaging is easy-breezy! Next to printing directly onto the material, you can also print on a thinner substrate which is then glued to the board – creating a so-called litho laminated box. Perfect if you want your design to look more high-end. Another option is designing a sleeve, for example one made of thin paperboard. Once printed, it simply slides over the corrugated box. About to design your very own corrugated box? Discover our tips!  

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