Packaging Innovation
January 8, 2014

Students design the perfect cardboard box

Two American undergrad students have stunned the packaging world by revolutionizing the design of the common cardboard box. The two young men claim their boxes are less wasteful, easy to handle and quick to assemble. The two now have a patent pending and are looking for manufacturing partners to commercialize their vision of the 21ste century cardboard box.

Reinventing the cardboard box

Every year a hundred billion cardboard boxes are produced in the United States alone. Not only are traditional boxes extremely wasteful, they are also hard to open and difficult to pack, Henry Wang and Chris Curro of the Albert Nerken School of Engineering at Cooper Union found. That’s why they came up with a new design for the common cardboard box – or rather they reinvented it!

20 percent less wasteful

The result is the Rapid Packaging Container, a cardboard box for the 21st century that is not only less wasteful than traditional paper boxes but which can also be put together in seconds and easily reused. The Rapid Packaging Container requires up to 20 percent less cardboard than traditional paperboard packaging, while maintaining the same strength, thanks to a clever redesign of the bottom of the box.

Open the cardboard box by pushing a tab

The undergrads’ box is also way easier to fold, requiring only a custom jig, that allows you to fold the cardboard box within seconds. The adhesive strips make affixing the whole package a lot easier as well. The real magic happens when you open the box, though. Instead of ripping open the box, you simply push a tab on the top of the box and the whole thing opens up automatically, ready for reuse. Clever, we say!

You don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself! The Rapid Packaging Container might well be the box of the future!