Packaging Innovation
Esko CorruSpeed digital finishing
December 6, 2016

Esko CorruSpeed: a cutting-edge tool for digital finishing

With analog slowly but surely making way for digital, Esko is continuously exploring new tools to take digital finishing to the next level. At drupa 2016, they officially launched CorruSpeed, a tool that enables Kongsberg cutting tables to cut corrugated board at high speed without oscillating. Great news for the packaging industry? You bet! CorruSpeed makes for accurate, clean cuts – quite like conventional die cutting; boosting productivity and introducing a whole new level of quality to the digital finishing of corrugated board.

A new benchmark in digital finishing of corrugated board

Esko CorruSpeed was well received at drupa 2016 and its popularity is still on the rise. Knut Johansen, Product Manager of Esko: “Digital cutting of corrugated board has been problematic in the packaging market due to the tendency for digital cuts to leave burrs or tags on corrugated board. Esko CorruSpeed eliminates that barrier. It results in a smooth cut by enabling more aggressive pre-crushed lines that prevent the liner from cracking. It has set a new benchmark in digital finishing.”

Innovative floating foot

What makes Esko CorruSpeed so innovative, you ask? The secret is in a cutting-edge (no pun intended) floating foot with spring-loaded adjustable pressure which prevents the board from cracking. A side or top gauge clearly indicates the level of crushing pressure being applied. Able to cut an extensive variety of corrugated board up to 7mm double wall, the foot crushes down on the liner. The result is a squeaky-clean cut.

Improve your digital finishing with Esko CorruSpeed

Interested in improving the quality of your digital finishing and boosting your throughput? CorruSpeed can be purchased both as an add-on tool for existing Kongsberg cutting tables or included in new ones. Have any questions? Watch Esko CorruSpeed at work or contact us for more information!