Packaging Innovation
June 5, 2016

Pharma brand owner doubled its volume of artwork with the same number of people

See how pharma brand owner Almirall doubled its volume of artwork with the same number of people, being GMP compliant at the same time.

Almirall R&D teamThe headaches of packaging production

Managing packaging production is often a time consuming and inefficient process. The entire procedure is likely run manually. Responsibility is divided among different stakeholders. Errors are looming …   When considering changing how they manage their packaging production process, brand owners should look into the benefits of working with a packaging management solution.

Looking for a global overview

Almirall logoAlmirall, a global pharmaceutical company, was seeking such a tool. High on the wish list were:
  • efficiently managing the packaging production process for its products
  • gaining a global overview of the entire process

Functionality and agility

Despite other options that specifically meet the needs of the pharma market, Esko WebCenter was Almirall’s solution of choice. For Almirall the benefits of WebCenter are significant: Almirall WebCenter
  • Automation of the packaging management
  • Global overview of the entire process
  • Shorter time to market
  • Efficiency gains
Read the full story here. Read more about the GMP compliance of WebCenter in the pharmaceutical packaging & labeling business.