Packaging Innovation
July 25, 2016

Free PDF: Conquering packaging and artwork inefficiencies (PART 1)

Your company is almost certainly inefficient; and the larger it is, the more likely it is to have departmental,regional or functional silos that contribute to this. EU businesses report losing an average of one percent of their revenue each year due to a lack of efficient working practices; that’s a total of around €60 billion lost in revenues every year as a result of inefficient working practices. Inefficiencies in the packaging and related marketing processes represent an area of huge potential savings for companies producing consumer-packaged goods (CPG) and healthcare over-the-counter (OTC) products. Pausing to acknowledge and identify these inefficiencies may seem difficult however, particularly with Marketing and Packaging teams under increasing pressure just to meet their day-to-day commitments in an ever more demanding environment. Take time to consider how you can make improvements! Download our free PDF now! In this first of a two-part series, we examine the key packaging and artwork efficiency challenges facing companies today and how they can start to identify ways to solve these. In the first part we have a look at identifying and solving inefficiencies.