Packaging Innovation
September 22, 2016

FREE DOWNLOAD: CPG packaging artwork: how to PASS the test

There are four keys to unlocking success in packaging and its artwork for CPG companies: PASS – Process, Assets, Supply chain, Speed.

P is for Processes – a reduced number of processes, without any waste. Digital packaging management and asset management platforms can help to deliver automation of manual tasks.
A is for Asset management – full control and visibility of its assets enabling CPG companies to track performance of content throughout a product’s development.
S is for Supply Chain – removing the silos that exist, enabling proper coordination across stakeholders, increasing visibility and decreasing cycle and production time.
S is for Speed – increased productivity and visibility into any bottlenecks, improving your speed to market.

What is required to PASS?
WebCenter – Esko’s dedicated packaging management solution – helps CPG companies with each aspect of PASS.
Download your free PDF here.