Packaging Innovation
April 18, 2018

10 reasons to work with a packaging management solution

Creating and producing packaging has become an increasingly complex process. The number of product variations is on the rise with demands for custom, bespoke packaging, and companies are navigating tighter time and cost constraints.

Single source of truth

Esko’s WebCenter is a packaging management solution designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the packaging supply chain.

WebCenter allows users to specify, create, manage, and publish brand assets, while building a single source of truth for their packaging and marketing.

Think holistic!

WebCenter offers specific functionalities that other business systems do not or cannot offer due to their generic nature. In this article we outline 10 of the particular benefits associated with WebCenter, from packaging process management and asset management, to review and approval in 3D and integration with packaging editors, prepress workflow and existing business systems.

There is also the opportunity to implement WebCenter Quickstart, with built-in best-in-class workflows ready to use, with instant benefits.

Integrated solutions

What’s more, WebCenter is just one part of Esko’s brand solutions. Esko supplies a range of solutions to help Brands plan, manage and produce the best packaging possible.

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