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packaging industry challenges in 2018
June 5, 2018

4 key challenges keeping the packaging industry awake in 2018

The packaging industry is continuously evolving, usually rapidly – and never without challenge. What keeps both bigger and smaller players awake in 2018? This article provides an overview of the main challenges dominating retail and shipping today.

1.     Keeping it fresh

Consumers want their food to be fresher than ever, and they’re more than willing to pay extra to get their groceries delivered from the field (or so to speak) straight to their doorstep in a day or less. For retailers looking to jump on the increasingly popular food e-commerce bandwagon, that means careful planning and experimenting with secondary packaging materials (How can we keep material and shipping costs low while still controlling temperatures?) are key to ensure freshness while still complying to stringent industry norms and regulations.  

2.      To protect and sustain

packaging  industry challenges  2018 Becoming the new norm rather than just a trend, sustainability is on top of both consumers and retailer’s minds. In the light of e-commerce’s growing popularity, 2018 calls for a more holistic approach to supply chains. Recyclability will, of course, remain a prerequisite, but consumers also expect suppliers to be using less packaging in the first place.

3.     Manufacturers need to step up

To help keep their stock as limited as possible and deliver products fast and efficiently, retailers look to product and packaging manufacturers. Whereas e-commerce retailers used to wrap and ship everything themselves, it seems manufacturers today are expected to use less pallets – if any – and deliver everything prepackaged and ready for shipment.  

4.     Designing the brand experience

Now more than ever, brands are using secondary packaging materials to not just deliver products directly to homes but to immerse consumers in a total brand experience as soon as their package arrives. Hello, custom packaging design! Next to printing brand logos and ditto illustrations onto classic cardboard boxes which vary along with the seasons, brands are increasingly experimenting with personalized secondary packaging, e.g. with the customer’s name printed directly onto the box, to inspire as many unboxing videos as possible. Inspired by Packaging News