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April 12, 2018

Why product innovation calls for packaging design testing

  Consumers know what they want these days – and brands are happy to oblige by offering them an increasingly vast range of products, not rarely tailored to the consumer’s personal specifications. But while much is being invested in product innovation, brand packaging design often either remains identical or is changed without testing the effects on the target audience beforehand. Sounds familiar? Then we’ve got some questions for you …

3 questions for every brand packaging designer

If you’re a brand packaging designer tasked with fine-tuning an existing design, take a step back and ask yourself: 1.     Is this new design sufficiently and positively recognizable as brand packaging? Changes that are too drastic may result in the brand having to take costly measures to win back their customers – rather than winning over a new audience. Reversely, changes that are hardly noticeable may fail to grab the consumer’s attention. Must-read: Why packaging is the back bone of brand identity 2.     Will this packaging design grab the consumer’s attention in-store? The line between too simple and too elaborate is thin. Your packaging has to stand out, evidently, but make sure it does so for the right reasons. For instance, are you sure you’re using the right colors? 3.     Will this new packaging drive sales? An important – if not the most important – question, which can only be answered by your target audience. Speaking of which …

Test your packaging design in a virtual store

Why product innovation calls for packaging design testing Every mother thinks her child is the cutest. That’s why it’s so important to not just ask yourself the questions mentioned above, but to introduce your design to a focus group representing the target audience as well. What do they like or dislike about the packaging and, more importantly, why? The more realistic the setting of your focus group interviews, the more reliable the answers you’ll get. If testing your packaging design in actual stores is too big of a strain budget-wise, a virtual store simulator is surely worth the investment. Inspired by Packaging Strategies