Packaging Innovation
February 18, 2016

When 2 become 1! Check out this new flexible packaging

Consumers everywhere are in love with flexible packaging , and they’ll be pleased to hear that it just got even more convenient! Kooee! Super Snacks recently invented a two-in-one pouch that keeps their snacks extra fresh, while still allowing the consumer to easily turn it into a single-compartment pouch at the point of consumption.

New flexible packaging separates ingredients

KOOEE! Super Snacks’ unique two-in-one pouch for jerky trail mix with apple arose out of necessity, according to its CEO and co-founder Shaun Malligan: “The ingredients are separated because […] if stored in the same pouch, the water from the high-water-activity ingredients—the jerky—will in time flow to the low-water-activity ingredients, the nuts.” Thanks to the dual compartment, the jerky won’t become dry and the nuts remain crunchy.

Rip, peel & mix!

So what do you do when you’re in the mood for some tasty jerky trail mix with apple? You simply open the pouch along the side, peel the pouch apart (the two compartments are separated by a thin strip of adhesive inside the pouch) and mix the ingredients together. A mixing bowl may still come in handy, though.

Visual user manual

In line with the transparent packaging trend, KOOEE!’s two-in-one pouch has two triangular windows that show the jerky and the nut and fruit mix. Accompanied by the simple phrase “Keeps them separated until use”, it allows the consumer to know instinctively what the packaging does and how it’s supposed to be opened.

A sustainable product

But that’s not all folks! KOOEE! is clearly also aware of the importance today’s consumer attaches to sustainability, as their two-in-one-pouches all have a 10-digit traceability code that allows consumers to trace the beef in each pouch back to the farm it comes from and even to what grasses the cow ate.   Inspired by Packaging Digest