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luxury packaging design for millennials
July 5, 2018

What do millennials want? Luxury packaging design, of course!

Despite the less than ideal economic climate, the luxury sector is still thriving. In fact, millennials even account for almost half of luxury shoppers. Reeling them in, however, is not self-evident. As is to be expected of this generation of consumers, millennials do their shopping with a considerable list of expectations in mind – and it’s not just about being offered quality ‘investment pieces’. So, what do millennials exactly look for in luxury packaging design? Read more below!

A clear brand identity

For millennials, much of a luxury packaging design’s appeal has nothing (or little) to do with esthetics. Generation Y has a thing for brands who can pride themselves on green manufacturing practices and socially responsible supply chains. Letting this kind of brand identity shine through across all communication channels is crucial, but can become tricky in terms of packaging as too much text (or any text at all, apart from the brand logo) easily clutters the design. Nothing smartly designed packaging inserts informing consumers of the story behind their purchase can’t solve, though!

Luxury packaging design with(out) a digital twist

As they’re always on the lookout for the next thrilling digital experience, it’s easy to assume that Millennials have a natural preference for packaging riddled with QR codes and other digital elements as easy gateways to online brand experiences. While that is indeed the case in many industries including food and beverage, the luxury sector is the exception that proves the rule. The reason? The offline brand experience still matters, and luxury packaging gives consumers a unique opportunity to ‘unplug’ and appreciate the visual and tactile beauty of real craftsmanship.


That doesn’t mean, though, that the online marketing landscape is to be ignored. Luxury brands are wise to jump onto the e-commerce bandwagon, provided they adapt their packaging designs accordingly to offer their customers the best possible online shopping experience.  

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