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Packaging design for unboxing videos
June 26, 2018

Unboxing videos: how to make your packaging design shine online!

Unboxing videos are more than just product reviews. They’re an incredible – not to mention free – opportunity for brands and designers to go viral. Did you know 1 in 5 consumers have watched at least one unboxing video? And that 4 in 10 are inclined to share their purchase on social media if it has unique packaging? Anyway, now is the time to make your packaging design shine online! Discover our tried-and-tested tips to offer consumers the ultimate unboxing experience.

1.      Most unboxing videos focus on the front first

Unboxing videos almost always start with a close-up of the front of the box. This is where you want the brand logo to sparkle! Don’t leave the sides of the box blank, though, as vloggers like to take their time to show the packaging from every possible angle.

2.     Be careful with color

Amateurs filming your packaging design means lighting conditions will likely be anything but optimal, so choose your colors with care. If spot colors aren’t an option or if you simply don’t want to risk your packaging looking cheap, opt for a minimalist design with few colors.

3.     Add a bit of mystery

packaging design for unboxing videos Forget the old bubble wrap and cardboard dividers. Unboxing videos call for luxury inner packaging, preferably with a decorative twist, just to add that ever so important air of mystery and make those (hopefully already high) expectations skyrocket. Don’t forget, however, to choose or design your inner packaging so that it helps the product to stay in place and make an awesome first impression.

4.     Lift a corner of the veil

Speaking of first impressions, you can add even more mystery by using the inner packaging to show only a small part of the product. Unboxing suspense and instant gratification guaranteed!  

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