Packaging Innovation
February 3, 2017

What a treat! 5 yummy candy packaging designs

There’s something about walking through a candy aisle that makes us feel like children again, isn’t there? Is it a simple case of nostalgia? Is it because our taste buds will never grow tired of all that sweet creaminess and crunchiness? Yes. But not only that. The packaging matters just as much as the candy itself – if not more. Not convinced? Then feast your eyes on these yummy candy packaging designs!

1.     Hopeatoffee: stripy, simple, striking!

This stripy packaging design by Bond for Hopeatoffee licorice is striking yet ever so simple. Rumor has it that this delicious candy packaging boosted sales tremendously without even the slightest bit of media advertising.

2.     Zubi Candy Rocks: simply fantastic

What would Willy Wonka do if he had to create candy packaging from scratch? We imagine it would look a little something like this design for Zubi Candy Rocks by Sam Baliga. Fantastically fantasy-inspired!

3.     Lolli and Pops: not just for chocaholics

 You don’t even have to like chocolate for this packaging design to put a smile on your face! Created by Valerie Durak for Lolli and Pops, this scrumptious candy packaging is almost too beautiful to unwrap. Almost.

4.     Sugarlove: minimalist candy packaging design

 Alaa Amra purposely chose to let Sugarlove’s candy do the talking when she created this minimalist packaging design. Or, to put it the packaging designer’s own words: “Infusing individuality and personality into each piece of candy, the minimalist approach focuses on the character behind the candy and creates a relatable and fun user experience.”

5.     The Grown Up Chocolate Company

 Ever notice how candy seemed to taste even better when you were a child? The Grown Up Chocolate Company to the rescue! They had Toast design these Harry Potter-esque candy bar wrappers, recreating “a delectable, hand-made chocolate experience that you haven’t felt since you were a child.” Inspired by How