Packaging Innovation
Test your packaging design before you launch
December 5, 2017

Test your packaging design before you launch! 3 steps

Finally decided to stop tweaking and release your packaging design into the world? We know, it’s always a bit of a gamble. But there’s no reason to risk things more than you should! By testing your packaging design before launching, you can turn what would otherwise be a wild guess into a calculated risk, boosting your chances of success tremendously. And it’s not even hard to do, either. These three steps ought to do the trick.

1.     Gather round all the stakeholders

If you’re fortunate enough to have an artwork management tool at your disposal, don’t hesitate to use it. It’s a great means for centralizing the entire artwork approval process within one system so that everyone involved is always looking at the most recent version of your design. What’s more, as your work will no longer need to be copied repeatedly, it becomes less prone to errors.

2.     Watch and observe the target audience

Once your design has been approved by your client, it’s time to face the toughest jury. The brand owner may l-o-v-e what you created, but the target audience may be less enthusiastic. There’s always a chance your packaging design won’t stand out from its competitors on the shelf or, who knows, that consumers will turn out hating it. Test your design in a real-life store or simply watch your packaging design come alive in a virtual store using Esko’s Studio Store Visualizer. Mind you, refrain from giving the test audience any information regarding the purpose of the test. Simply ask them to shop the aisle like they normally would and use eye-tracking equipment to measure their natural response to your packaging design in the aisle. Film the shoppers while carrying out their task as well (we’ll discuss why below).

3.     Confront them

Next up is confronting the test shoppers with your design and asking them to examine it as if they were considering buying the product. Again, film them and use eye-tracking equipment to learn which elements they notice the most and which they ignore.

4.     Talk, talk, talk!

Finally, sit down with each test shopper individually and review the footage with them. Ask them what they were thinking when they browsed the aisle and examined the packaging. What stood out to them? What did they like or dislike? When it comes to testing a packaging design, nothing beats getting a candid reaction from your target audience.   Inspired by Packaging Digest