Packaging Innovation
Using eye contact in product packaging
October 2, 2015

Successful product packaging – More than meets the eye

It is no secret that product packaging is a critical part of every successful marketing strategy for consumer goods. Incorporating your brand’s message and values into packaging is key – and meticulously choosing all the right colors, fonts and materials that correspond to your brand are the way to do it. Recent research, however, has determined another crucial factor every packaging designer should take into account…

Just look ’em straight in the eye

Using eye contact in product packagingAn experiment conducted by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab has indicated that customers tend to favor a particular cereal if it has graphics or pictures of people on the box who make eye contact with them. The experiment involved 65 cereals in 10 different grocery stores.

Participants were presented with two types of cereal boxes, one where a cartoon rabbit looked down and one where the rabbit looked straight at the viewer. The participants were asked to rate their feelings of trust and connection to the brand – and the results were quite noteworthy. Participants who were presented with the rabbit making eye contact claimed to feel 10 percent more connected to the brand and showed a 16 percent increase in trust towards the brand compared to the other participants.

Different perspectives

Selling more products by getting the graphics on the packaging to make eye contact with the consumer. Could it really be that simple? Why, yes! Although, admittedly, there is a small amount of math involved. For instance, the ideal angle of a character’s gaze is 9.6 degrees downward, as grocery stores tend to stock children’s products 23 inches high – the ideal level to catch a child’s eye. Products with an adult target audience, on the other hand, benefit from graphics that look straight ahead.