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Pantone spring 2018 color trends
March 29, 2018

Spring 2018 is here! These are the new Pantone color trends

With every new season comes a brand-new set of Pantone color trends that shape fashion, interior styles and, naturally, packaging design! Now that spring 2018 is finally here, it’s time to say goodbye to burnt (yet delicious) hues like Tawny Port, Butterum and Autumn Maple and start afresh. One thing’s for sure: Pantone’s most recent color palette means packaging designers are in for a treat this season. Read on to discover our top 7 picks

Pantone color trends for spring 2018

Color experts describe this season’s color palette as a fun ‘sanctuary of color’ that calls for some unique and dramatic mixing. Are they right? You be the judge!

1.     Ultra Violet

Pantone ultra violet Also presented to the world as Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet is undeniably fascinating and distinctive.

2.     Spring Crocus

Pantone spring crocus When purple meets fuchsia, Spring Crocus is what you get! A flamboyant and charming color you cannot help but fall for.

3.     Lime Punch

Pantone lime punch Zesty and nearly fluorescent, Lime Punch will never fail to stand out in what is the brightest of all color seasons.

4.     Cherry Tomato

Pantone cherry tomato The name says it all: Cherry Tomato is about as yummy as a shade of red can get.

5.     Little Boy Blue

Pantone little boy blue The color of clear blue skies with a hint of azure, Little Boy Blue is all about hope and celebrating new beginnings.

6.     Blooming Dahlia

Pantone blooming dahlia A dusky shade of pink, Blooming Dahlia is a feminine color that is understated yet ever so alluring.

7.     Pink Lavender

Pantone pink lavender ‘Soft, soothing, charming and romantic’ captures the essence of Pink Lavender perfectly.

About color consistency

Even when you opt for Pantone colors, achieving color consistency across the supply chain can be tricky business. If you don’t have a color management platform in place yet, Esko’s Color Engine is definitely worth the investment. It ensures all stakeholders work with the same color data at all times, and even predicts exactly how the color will react to the different substrates you select. Inspired by Pantone