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October 3, 2016

Sold! 4 sample making tips for packaging designers

Reeling in a new client is always exciting. But no matter how great your sales strategy and people skills may be, in the end landing that new project comes down to one thing: sample making. There is no denying that creating a stunning mock-up is crucial to get a potential client to commit to your packaging design. Do you want to increase your sample’s chances of getting picked? These tips will help you wow your clients.

1.     Talk, talk, talk to your client!

Ask as many questions as you can before you head to the drawing board. Are you sure you fully understand the ins and outs of the product? What is the brand message your packaging design should convey? What makes the target audience tick?

2.     Sample making is no excuse for mediocrity

Now is not the time to skimp on quality. Don’t be tempted to settle for mediocre packaging materials and bland colours just because your client is not footing the bill (yet). As a packaging designer you may find it easy to imagine your sample made of better material and printed in high quality ink, but your client’s imagination will not stretch that far.

3.     Mock up the bigger picture as well

Once your sample is ready, don’t present it to the client just yet. Photograph your design next to the competition on real life store shelves (or use Studio Store Visualizer) and take a picture of a member of the target audience holding it. Trust us, it will create all the more impact!

4.     Invest in a versatile cutting table for short runs

kongsberg-cutting-table-for-samples Time is money, especially when it comes to packaging mock-ups. It is wise to invest in your own cutting table, but be sure to pick a versatile one that doesn’t stifle your creativity. The Kongsberg XE, for instance, a small format digital cutting table specially designed for short runs, is able to handle the widest range of materials and applications.