Packaging Innovation
September 21, 2015

So how DO you design medicinal marijuana packaging?

When Auntie Dolores created their gourmet medicinal marijuana-infused snacks, they were faced with a challenge: how do you package food which is actually medicine? And perhaps most important: how do you make the packaging appealing yet childproof? Let’s have a look at their intriguing packaging design…

Groovy colors

Auntie Dolores intentionally used plenty of color for their packaging design. The brand not only wanted to stand out from other cannabis infused foods on the shelves in dispensaries. They also did it to highlight the artisanal quality of their product. The result is an upscale graphic effect, a far cry from medicinal packaging and surprisingly elegant combined with the black-lidded canisters.

Black and white

Although color plays a major role in Auntie Dolores’ packaging, black and white serve as a backdrop for the brand’s packaging design. According to Auntie Dolores, this was done intentionally to counter the perception that medicinal marijuana-infused snacks are illegal (because they aren’t in Auntie Dolores’ home state of California). And of course, the use of black and white makes the colorful logo on each package deliciously pop!

Childproof packaging

To prevent children from getting into direct contact with their product, Auntie Dolores made sure their edibles are carefully packaged in hard-to-open, child-proof plastic bags inside a recyclable, reusable cardboard canister. 100% compliant with all child-proof requirements for packaging in California, of course.

Labeled with care

Clear labels are always a crucial part of packaging, but in the case of cannabis infused foods they are even more important. All of Auntie Dolores’ products are carefully labelled according to milligram content. The outer canisters clearly mention how many 10 mg doses are included, along with an example of what one dose constitutes. For example, a package of Auntie Dolores’ pretzels contains twelve doses, with two to three pretzels counting as one dose.    Inspired by Packaging Digest