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December 20, 2016

The path that leads to a perfect packaging design

Packaging design is all (or mostly, at least) about enticing consumers to grab a specific product off the shelves. Packaging should also act as a protective barrier between the product and its surroundings, yes. But the first thing on a brand owner’s mind is that their packaging should score high in the looks department. Which leads us to the following: how can one know for sure – when beauty is in the eye of the beholder – that they’ve stumbled upon that perfect packaging design?

Out of sight, out of mind

Your packaging design may be gorgeous all you like, there’s little use in a pretty design that doesn’t stand out. Have a look at the competition your packaging design be will facing on the shelves, and don’t shy away from taking the road less traveled. You don’t want your design to be drowning in a sea of lookalikes, right? Tip: use Studio Store Visualizer test your packaging design in a virtual retail environment.

Tracking the eye of the beholder

Do you think your packaging is going to stand out? Find out for sure before you send the design off to the manufacturer’s! Eye-tracking technology allows you to observe consumers’ eye movements without influencing them.

3D packaging design software

Yes, we know what you’re thinking now: how can I tell if the consumer is focusing their attention on my packaging design because they think it’s stunning, and not because they consider it an eyesore? The answer is simple: just ask them! Put together a few focus groups and take it from there. You can show them a sample, or, if you want to avoid the extra cost that comes with (too) many trial-and-error runs, opt for 3D packaging design software such as Studio.   Inspired by Packworld