Packaging Innovation
What to do when your packaging design fails
November 17, 2016

What to do when your packaging design fails …

You came up with a mind-blowing packaging design and sent it off to the manufacturer with high hopes … Only for the sample to turn out all wrong. It happens to every packaging designer sooner or later, and it’s no biggie, really. And not all is lost either! Just take the following tips to heart to correct your design and prevent future packaging design failures.

Think inside the box

If measurements are the cause of your packaging design failure, the solution is simple: take the product and place it inside the box. Doing this will allow you to see exactly what the problem is and where it is located. Perhaps the box is too tall or not tall enough, too narrow or too wide, … Or perhaps the box is simply the wrong shape. If wrong measurements are the issue, your packaging design is easily fixed. If the shape is to blame, it’s back to the drawing board …

Ask for a second pair of eyes

Even Leonardo da Vinci himself could do with a second pair of eyes from time to time. If you’re having trouble determining the problem with your design, ask for a colleague or friend to have a look. It will help you see your packaging design from a different point of view and fix errors more efficiently.

Invest in 3D packaging design software

When a packaging design fails, 2D design is often to blame. Using 3D packaging design software helps you create better artwork, enabling you to see your design exactly how it will look in real life and allowing you to try out different ideas before deciding on a final design. With Studio design software you can even test the impact of your packaging design in a virtual store and see how it compares on the shelf next to the competition.   Inspired by Soopak