Packaging Innovation
August 30, 2016

Packaging artwork challenges faced by CPG companies? Kevin Karstedt shares his vision

What are the main packaging/labelling artwork challenges faced by CPG companies? The folks over at asked Kevin Karstedt of Karstedt Partners, LLC. Kevin identified 6 main challenges and talks about their consequences for CPG companies around the world. He also goes into detail about the ways forward looking companies are tackling these challenges successfully. Read the full interview here.
  1. Volume of work – a company that had ten jobs a week ten years ago may have 100 jobs going through a week because there are more SKUs, more products and more diversity within it.
  2. Compliance – food and beverage in particular has a lot of compliance issues related to the package and the nutritional information.
  3. Consistency – ensuring each item looks the same no matter where it’s printed, no matter what process it’s printed in …
  4. Speed to market – getting things done and out the door quickly so that you get your product into the consumer’s hands as quickly as possible.
  5. Cost – the less you have to touch a job, the less cost is going to be involved.
  6. Headcount reductions – things have to be done in a more automated fashion.

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Read the full interview here.

About Kevin Karstedt

Kevin Karstedt, CEO of Karstedt Partners LLC, began his career in the “digital” world of packaging in the mid 1980s. His firm has worked with consumer product companies from the Fortune 1000 and 100 lists, package printers and converters from all market segments, and suppliers of products and services targeted at the packaging marketplace.