Packaging Innovation
milk packaging design
September 6, 2017

Look at mmmme! Milk packaging design that stands out

There used to be a time when there was milk and there was, well, milk. Today, however, consumers are offered a choice between soy milk, organic milk, lactose-free milk, low-fat milk, reduced-fat milk, fat-free milk, … Well-aware of the sea of milk that is also known as the dairy aisle, dairy brands are turning to clever milk packaging design to get their products to stand out from the competition.

Offering knowledge is power

Dairy brands have every reason to include up-to-date nutritional information in their milk packaging design. Because the FDA requires them to include nutrition labels, yes, but also because no less than 72 percent of consumers – and 81 percent of consumers watching their weight – make their purchase decisions based on the nutritional information packaging provides. Needless to say, both including a nutrition label and printing dietary information on the front of milk packaging is a smart move. Arla foods, for instance, watched its protein-enhanced milks’ sales soar once they pointed out on the front of their cartons that the milks not only contained 25 grams of protein but were also made with 50 percent less sugar.

Milk packaging that tells a story

Today more than ever, consumers want to know where their purchases come from. Which is exactly where on-package storytelling comes in. Printing the names and pictures of their dairy farmers on their milk cartons, Organic Valley is one dairy brand that clearly gets what brand storytelling is all about.

One size no longer fits all

With families getting smaller and consumers always on the go, clever dairy brands are offering their milk in smaller volumes to appeal to a broader target audience. Single-serve packaging in particular, which can easily be tucked into a bag or lunch box, is becoming a more and more popular format. Inspired by Dairy Foods