Packaging Innovation
July 7, 2013

Limited edition packaging | Pepsi, Starbucks & S. Pellegrino

Special occasions are an excellent time to create limited edition packaging. Custom packaging is an interesting and often profitable choice for brands that want to improve their exposure or brand associations by making the most of current events.

‘Special occasions’ is indeed a broad term, as it can have many different meanings, for instance packaging that is season or brand related like an anniversary, but you could also create limited edition packaging for, say, a sponsorship.

Seasonal packaging

When we think of seasonal packaging the first thing that comes to mind is probably Christmas. By creating Christmas packaging you include your brand among the festivities which a lot of consumers will appreciate. Even Starbucks can’t ignore Christmas season and offers special edition cups.

Of course you shouldn’t lose track of cultural diversity. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so a more general winter theme could be a safe alternative. A winter theme also allows you to use your seasonal packaging for a slightly longer period increasing returns to scale.

Special edition packaging

Partnerships and sponsorships can be even more important moments to give your products a new look. When you invest in a sponsorship for a large event for example, you obviously want to get the maximum exposure possible for your brand and products.

S. Pellegrino is an excellent example with their limited edition packaging for the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival. Their packaging is still clearly identifiable as S. Pellegrino, but at the same time they will receive extra attention from a large part of their target audience.

Limited edition Pepsi packaging based on Michael Jackson

Even more impressive is the “Bad” can designed by Pepsi last year for the 25th anniversary of the multi-platinum  album “Bad” from the King of Pop Michael Jackson. This can is a prime example of limited edition packaging that is likely to live on for decades as a collectible.

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