Packaging Innovation
spring packaging design tips
April 3, 2017

Keep it fresh! 3 tips for your spring packaging design

Spring has finally sprung! And what better excuse for a packaging design make-over than the changing of the seasons? If you’re a marketing wiz, you might even argue that making minor changes to packaging designs every season is crucial to keep sales up. Are you looking to give your packaging design a lovely spring theme? Here’s how to keep your spring packaging design as fresh as a daisy!

1.     Adjusting the color scheme to soft pastels

spring packaging design Nothing beats adopting a pastel color scheme to give a packaging design a soft and airy new look. Lavender, old rose, baby blue, mint green, creamy yellow, … are hues that have ‘spring’ written all over. Mind you, there is no need for a complete color overhaul. Simply replace your regular colors with pastel shades of them and your special-edition spring packaging is good to go.

2.     Add some spring packaging design clichés

spring packaging design Are pastels not an option because you’re restricted by brand colors? Then it’s springtime graphics to the rescue. This one’s no biggie, either. For once, clichés are allowed: think flowers, birds, bees, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, … Anything that puts consumers in the spring mindset is worth experimenting with. Keep in mind, though, that the brand and product itself must remain recognizable. The point is to attract new customers as well as retain the ones you already reeled in.

3.     Keep it ‘spring clean’ and green

spring packaging design tips Now that you’re reworking your packaging design, why not seize the opportunity to do some ‘spring cleaning’ and get rid of excess clutter? If your packaging includes a recipe or instructions on the back, for instance, opt to have them printed on the inside instead. Last but not least, spring is the perfect occasion to re-evaluate the sustainability of your design as well.